Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wearing flowers in my hair.

Firstly, why aren't all airports as good as PDX? Besides the free wi-fi and public transit that drops you off in the terminal, the people are so damn nice. While I was in the line for security, a TSA employee who looked like he could seriously beat someone up said, in the calmest grandpa tone possible, "Don't worry guys, you're almost there. Just hang in there, everybody." I could have hugged him, for serious.


Hey guess what? I'm in San Francisco!

Taken mere minutes ago... it's frickin' gorgeous today
downtown sf

More specifically, I just plopped my luggage on the gorgeous wood floor next to the gorgeous couch on which I'll be crashing. Said couch belongs to a friend of a friend who lives in a choice spot in the Mission, and is being generous enough to let me stay until I leave on Saturday. We're headed to Fish & Farm tonight, and until then I'm gonna get me some fruit from Bi-Rite, maybe something nomnomy from Tartine, and sit in Dolores Park and people watch.

Anybody in the area, feel free Twitter message me! I'm @ingridc.

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