Monday, April 16, 2007


There's this sourdough bread at the Sandy Ridge Farmer's Market that is like crack. I take that back; it's not like crack, it IS crack. It is dangerous, dangerous crack bread. I can literally eat a whole football-sized loaf in one sitting.

Don't ever put yourself in a position where you're sitting with the whole loaf in front of you. I prefer to stand while eating so I can will myself to run away faster.

Searching the interweb has revealed that this little operation, named (oh so sweetly) The Berry Patch Market, is the source of mass Triad-area sourdough hysteria. Their online store carries no such breads, but they dole 'em out by the dozens, probably hundreds, per day at the farmer's market. Oh, how you tease me, you bread bakers. Your dangerous crack bread is only available fresh-baked at Sandy Ridge...

Sigh. Slobber, slobber. More, please.

p.s. I suggest tearing into the loaf immediately after purchase. You'll get the crack bread high at its finest.