Friday, August 14, 2009

Embracing the tourist in me

Dear San Francisco,

I'm totally in like with you. Bashful tourist too cool to take photos, be damned!

It started with a picnic at Mission Dolores Park:
Mission Dolores Park picnic
strawberries from Bi-Rite and quiche and zucchini bread from Tartine

and, later that evening, dinner at Fish and Farm, helmed by the awesome and infinitely talented Chad Newton:
Gnocchi at Fish & Farm
the best gnocchi of my life thus far? Very possibly

Gnocchi on Foodista

The next day I met my new friend Matt at Ryan Farr's stand, 4505 Meats, at the Ferry Building Thursday Market:
4505 at the Ferry Market

where I quickly ordered (and devoured the crap out of) a Zilla dog combo:
Zilla Dog and Chicharrones at the Ferry Market
Hot dog with kimchee, scallions and pork rinds. Yes please!

and wandered around the market stalls ogling the summer produce:

I spent the afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art, whose rooftop contains a Blue Bottle Cafe, where I had a most delicious New Orleans style iced coffee. I was positively blown away by the current Richard Avedon exhibit:
Richard Avedon Exhibit @ SF MOMA
a very morose Marilyn

as well as an exhibit featuring Robert Frank's "The Americans". Seeing those photos shook me to my core. I left SF MOMA thinking, 'Holy shit, these people made something incredible. I want to do something, I want to create something, I want to make something!'

I met an old dodgeball friend for a drink at 15 Romolo:
15 Romolo
that there is a steep road to navigate in heels, I'll tell ya what

before heading to Coi for what was one of the most transformative dining experiences of my life. The tale will have to wait for the moment, as I have some Bi-Rite Creamery to get to before heading to Nopa for late dinner.

to be continued...

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