Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What's for dinner?

Broiled Alaskan king salmon with toasted rosemary on mixed baby greens with chevre, manchego and previously mentioned tomatoes in a homemade lemon/garlic/olive oil/fresh basil dressing.

The two cheeses were almost too much, but I still maintain that everything is awesome with more cheese. I went a little crazy at Earth Fare the other day when I decided I don't eat enough goat cheese. Now the chevre needs eatin' and I've been slowly cutting away at the big chunk of manchego in my fridge. It makes me think of Cobras and Matadors every time I cut into it.

My mom made some roasted asparagus, shiitake mushrooms in garlic and olive oil and some quinoa in sesame oil. Dinner, I must say, was a treat.

Now we're off to veg in front of the TV for a while and watch Two Brothers, a movie about tigers separated as cubs, starring real tiger cubs. It's so ridiculously cute, it'll make you pee your pants.

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