Thursday, September 02, 2010

The view from the kitchen

Summer in a hotel pan

Engraved Gray Kunz spoons and Togiharu slicer--gifts from my rad boyfriend for my recent 30th birthday

My mise en place

Herbs ready to go in the spring lamb set

Squid soaking

Baby octo stewing

That's a big-ass steak

My cross-hatch is pretty good these days

Kitchen short-hand labeling

The ubiquitous wedding gallette a la Jay-bar

Work snacks

More work snacks

Balls after 11

A busy Sunday night


Timm said...

Ohhh, you've got the slotted Gray Kunz spoons. I've just got two of the small and two of the large. They're also engraved, mine with "Cook Free or Die".

Tonya said...

"balls after 11"

Welcome to my world, baby... Heh!

mrjeffmccarthy said...

Love the stewing octopus pic, babe. And the link
to me of course. : )

Matt said...

Those tomatoes looking stunning. I'm liking the pictorial post.

Ingrid said...

@Timm: I think I'm gonna get some small ones to compliment the big ones--I love them so far.

@Tonya: We sooo work in the same industry! Ha!

@Jeff: I know you love the links baby ;)

@Matt: Thanks! I really enjoyed putting this together, and I definitely want to do more pictorials.