Monday, April 27, 2009

On not having disappeared off the face of the earth

So it's been a while since I've written and I felt the need to remedy that. I have legitimate excuses for being neglectful of ye here blog--besides working six days a week, which I've been doing for more than two months now, I bought what I believe to be the sweetest condo in Portland and have been attempting during my limited time off to get it painted and settled in. Though I've made some progress, this has for the most part proved rather unsuccessful, as my bedroom currently looks as if a giant moving box got sick and threw up clothes all over the floor. Girl needs a dresser, stat!

One of my favorite things about all the change, however, is I am now proud owner of a kitchen in which I'm happy to spend time. The kitchen in the studio apartment I lived in prior to my condo purchase was hardly more than a sink, electric range and refrigerator in a row against a wall. Now I have this:

I bask in the glory of the gas range! HALLELUJAH! which I can do stuff like this:

pickin' parsley like a pro

...which results in things like this:

Linguine and Manila clams. Nomnomnom. Lesson learned, however: a pound and a quarter of clams is too much for one person.

The goal is to get my house in good enough shape for a housewarming thingy and lots of dinner parties. You know, all that adult shit that comes with homeowning. Plus I have a balcony from which my friends can curse drunkenly at innocent passersby. What fun!

Oh, did I mention the view?

downtown Portland as viewed from the kitchen sink

Yeah, I'm pretty fucking stoked.


Boogie Man Montoya said...

Killer crib! Please do me the favor of not painting over that fantastic shade of turquoise/jade in your kitchen. It's got personality, and as always, personality goes a long way.

mrjeffmccarthy said...

Oh that is just begging for a party!! I'll bring the drunken cursing!!

myrrh said...

i've said this before and will likely say it again: your condo is fucking beautiful.

butters said...

nice t-shirt toots. wonder where you got it? I second the party or just invite me over and I will bring the booze. kisses and hugs and licks and giggles

Ingrid said...

@Boogie Man: Worry not, sir. I hated the color the first time I saw it, but now I lovelovelove it. I call it "seafoam green", as it elicits throwback to the 1950's domesticity. It's highly endearing, to me at least.

@Jeff: I plan on documenting, on video, shenanigans that occur at said party. It'll be good.

@myrrh: thank you :).

@butters: Thanks for being too big to wear that shirt and giving it to me instead! I love it.

Tonya said...

~tapping toes waiting for dinner party invitation~

If I get tipsy, please keep me off the balcony with that super-low railing...