Saturday, February 07, 2009

Five things I learned this week

A little late posting this week's Things I've Learned, but it's been an incredibly busy week. I have some exciting changes coming up that I'm dying to share, but I'll discuss them once things are finalized. Until then, enjoy this week's installment:

1. When storing fresh truffles, store them in a closed container with one or two raw eggs. The porousness of the shells will absorb any moisture and keep the truffles from going bad. The eggs that are stored with the truffles will also absorb the truffle scent, and are quite delicious sunny side up. Just a perfect hint of truffle in the egg.

2. I will throw down for my coworkers without any hesitation. The narrowly-avoided barfight on Friday night with a douchebag vs. myself is evidence of this. It definitely helped that 10 of my coworkers were with me. I really love those people; I feel like no matter how much we bicker or disagree at work, they got my back, ya know?

3. Patience, a good side towel and a decent shucker are the keys to shucking six dozen oysters in a night.

4. Although neither is ideal, better slow but correct than fast but fucked up.

5. Abre los sus ojos. Very, very necessary. (Thanks, Chepe!)

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ml said...

im coming to portland in approximately one month. i'd better see you!