Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A One AM Quickie

Not that kind of quickie, kids. This is a family-friendly blog.


Anyway, thought I should let everyone know that the first two days of work went really well, tonight especially. We had over 70 reservations and did close to 100 covers for the night, which is usually typical of a Saturday night. I walked in and I was told by my chef that I was running my entire station by myself (on my second day, mind you). Must admit, I had a tiny panic moment, but once we got into it, it was basically go go go with no time to think.

I had a helping hand, fortunately, from the pastry chef and a line cook, especially when it came to oyster shucking. I shucked my first oyster ever during my stage last week, and I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. But I'm getting more comfortable with all the recipes for my station, including all the dressings, all the prep, all the clean up and all the plating. It's a lot to know, but I feel I'm doing well. I didn't get out until past midnight tonight, and rode my bike home with semi-deflated tires, but the air blowing through my hair felt great.

Saw some friendly faces today (hey guys, thanks for stopping by!) which made me smile. I have so much more to tell, including how I'm determined to become an oyster shucking master, and how I have to work out a way of memorizing 12+ orders at a time. Oy!

Thanks for all the well-wishes and congratulations, all. Lots more to come, when I get a real minute to sit down and write. Sleep for now...


gulya said...

so what days/hours will you be at the restaurant? i'd love to come by. also, i'd like to get a sense of when exactly you're NOT there so that we can hang out.

Tonya said...

Omg I am so going to make you try out for Hell's Kitchen now. *giggle*