Friday, April 25, 2008

Midterms: kicking ass and taking names

Last Friday marked the end of one of the most hectic weeks yet of school. We had midterm exams this week, which consisted of a written exam and "black box" kitchen practical on Tuesday, and knife skills and ingredient identification on Wednesday. We also had a mountain of homework due on Wednesday, including an essay on corn, study guides, math worksheets, recipe analysis sheets, vocabulary lists, tasting notes and a presentation on foodborne illness. And I somehow managed to make it out of my house to meet friends more than once this week! I think I'm getting a hang of this schoolwork/social life balance thing. Definitely sacrificing social life more than I would were I not in school, but it gets lonely in the apartment with just me and my culinary math, baby.

Thursday was the beginning of Culinary 120, and a switch from 9am to 8am. Whew. The hour earlier isn't so bad, but the fact that we go straight into the kitchen instead of a couple of hours of lecture first is what's the hardest. Having the focus to multitask at 8am is certainly a challenge, but I'm giving myself a few days to adjust.

More details soon, as I'm off to take care of a busy Sunday...


mll said...

how long is the whole school? like 6 months? 1 year? 1 quarter?

Ingrid said...

Hey Mel! School is a total of about 8 months - 4 terms, each 8 weeks long, with a few breaks in between. The fourth term is actually an externship with a restaurant or establishment of some sort to get "real world" training. The program is really fast, really intense, but it's designed to pack it all in so you don't feel like you have to sign away years of your life to school.

Nice to hear from you! How's LA?