Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pimpin shabu shabu


Shabu-shabu at White Sugarcane

That was hours ago and I'm still ridiculously full. The restaurant was pumping Three 6 Mafia on the speakers. Completely weird to be dipping rare beef to a soundtrack of ganja, hoes and the po-po. Yet, strangely enough, the hardcore rap added some nice bump to the meal. Delicious!


carol said...

Your lunch looked YUMMY!! Could you please tell me the name & location of the restaurant?? I would love to go there.
Thank you,

. said...

yeah, i'm curious too... i just googled white sugarcane but nothing came up. i know this was posted over a year ago, so perhaps it's no longer around? i am DESPERATE for a good shabu shabu spot here in pdx. i moved here a year ago from NY and have not been able to find one yet. i'm talkin' about the traditional japanese kind. can you help hook a girl up?

Ingrid said...

White Sugarcane is a place across from the Fullerton 41 Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, so unfortunately you'd have to take a 13 hour flight to get there!

However, there's a place called Beijing Hot Pot one shopping center over from Fubonn (SE 82nd Ave near Powell) that I've been to twice. It's not exactly traditional Japanese, but it's the nearest I've come to the real deal in Portland. It's typical of what you would find in Taiwan (my homeland). Good when you need your shabu-shabu fix!

Beijing Hot Pot
2768 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 774-2525

Hope this helps, thanks for reading! Now if I can only get a decent bowl of ramen in this town...

. said...

Thx, Ingrid! I'll have to scope it out (the place on 82nd). I went to Hot Pot City yesterday for lunch and was unfortunately pretty disappointed. And, yeah, I hear ya on the decent bowl of ramen. There's Biwa's but it's over-priced and pretty bland if you ask me. I'm wondering if there'd be better places over in Beaverton where I'm pretty sure they have a large Japanese population. Not sure... whatever the case, I'm gonna go try the Taiwanese spot you mentioned and hope that it does the trick.

Thanks again,
el P.