Monday, July 17, 2006

Ever seen a fresh fig?

From a tree in our backyard:

figs from the backyard

We picked a few yesterday, and there are lots more ripening on the branches. If you've never had a fresh fig before, I highly suggest it. It's the most damned delicious fruit I've ever tasted... ever

Mom and I also took a trip to the farmer's market yesterday, and along with some corn, okra, green beans, peaches and a disc of fresh Crottin cheese from the local Goat Lady Dairy Farm, we scored some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes:

farmer's market heirloom tomatoes

A bunch of German Johnson and a couple of the same in a black variety (the one on top). You haven't had a tomato until you've had a black German Johnson.

Holy shit. I'm in fresh fruit heaven.

1 comment:

mary laura said...

shit. i am super jelous of your fig tree! that reminds me that i need to go check the one on the corner that i eat figs from!

also, tomatoes look great.

hope all is well!